The Nethergreen Shook Us All Night Long and South Durham Social Rocked Us Like A Hurricane!!!

  There is no doubt about it…this weekend has to go down as one of the best Bank Holidays…EVER!!!

On Friday night, we returned home to Killamarsh to play at The Nethergreen and were ASTOUNDED by the night. 

The place was packed, hot and sticky…perfect weather for a night of 100% live rock! The crowd was ELECTRIFYING, it really left us gob smacked. It was great to see our Leicester fan club again. We love you all and thanks to the THOR Virgins that came for their first experience of the Power Of THOR! It really was an AMAZING night and we’re reliably informed that it is the busiest night they’ve EVER had!

And the Bank Holiday was capped off with a return to the North East and a first visit to South Durham Social Club on Sunday.

It was a great way to finish the weekend. There is something special about a North East crowd. They really love their rock up there, and an amazingly friendly bunch too.

The feedback we have had from the lovely people of South Durham, apparently called “Monkey Hangers” (explanations on a post card please!) has been great! We can’t wait to go back to see the lovely people of the North East!

Another double header awaits us this weekend as we give Arundel Club, Sheffield, its first THOR experience followed by a return to Barnsley as Royston Klondyke Club anticipates the second coming of The Gods Of Rock!!!

Hopefully, we’ll see you at the weekend. Until then, look after yourself and each other!

Keep Music Live!