Arundel was arockin’ and a Crazy Night at the Klondyke!

2 more venues for the THOR scrap book this week. The Crazy Train just keeps on thundering along and, this week, Arundel Ex-Servicemens Club got its first hammering! 

The night had everything from a packed crowd, to a water feature…well a leaky roof! It was a little disappointing that our army of Hammer Heads was limited to those that have club affiliation, but also really satisfying to get such a great reaction from a room predominantly made up of THOR Virgins and new members of the Thorite Family!

Also, it was great that the night went without a hitch, despite water coming in through the roof! We just saw it as Arundels baptism into the church of 100% live rock!!!

We followed it with a return to Baaaarnsley and the AWESOME Royston Klondyke Club. This place place is the next big thing! The guys running it are doing a cracking job. The changing room looks great with a lick of paint and new carpet. And when it comes to advertising, they are spot on, and it’s bringing great results!


The place was PACKED with both “seasoned Thorites” and “THOR Virgins”, and it made for a great atmosphere. Those that have seen us regularly will know that we love a bit of audience participation, and The Klondyke is up there with the best of them, right down to the blonde lady that was licking Lee’s face!

As always, thank you to everybody that  took the time to hit the “Like” button on the Facebook, left us a message or posted a photo. We do read them all and try to reply to everybody. We have also passed on all of the comments about the lighting to our lovely light technician, Sarah. She takes great pride in her work and thanks everybody for their kind words!

This week sees us with just the one gig as we head to Skirlington Leisure Park for a night of “Hi-De-Hi meets THOR Gods Of Rock” but with an addition of a load of Harley Davidson riders. We hear these bikers know how to party, we shall see!!!

Don’t forget folks, keep fighting the good fight to Keep Music Live!!!!

Look after yourself and each other! Stay Groovy.