Hi-De-Hi meets The Gods Of Rock!

It’s fair to say that everybody loves to go to the seaside, but when you go to the seaside to do what you love, it’s even better!

The Doncaster Harley Owners Group are a great bunch. It’s fair to say we never expected a night like that and we’ve NEVER seen so much leather in one room! 

Again thanks to everybody for the great comments and feedback, especially from those that told us that they’re not really rock fans but they loved it, it really does mean a lot that people take the time to come and have a chat. And from the sound of it, it’s possible that we will be returning to the holiday park for an appearance as part of their holiday season entertainment!

As much as we love doing what we do, it was nice to have a Saturday night off so we could get out and support some of those bands and venues that have supported us. It was great to get out to The County Bar to, finally, get to see Wild McBride…and have a cheeky “lemonade” or two. We’ve heard a lot about them and we’ve been trying to get to see them for a while but obviously don’t get much time when your gigging regularly.

Next week sees us with a full weekend off (a rare treat for you!) but don’t think we’ll be sat doing nothing…oh no!!! Rest assured, we’ll be slaving away, working in the show, polishing some of the scuffed areas, adding some fresh parts and doing a general spring clean…and maybe a bit more recording!

We’ll be back in action when we head to Skellow Grange on 30th May and return to one of our favourite venues, Firth Park, on 31st! It’s sure to be another great weekend.

Thanks again to everybody for their support. Look after yourself and each other!

Keep Music Live!