The Crazy Train is back on track!

  This week saw us return to the stage after a week spent with our families and in the rehearsal room, and it’s fair to say, you can do all of the rehearsing in the world, but NOTHING compares to donning your stage wear and cranking it to 11 infront of a crowd of rockers!

This weekend saw the hammer fall on Skellow Grange and Firth Park in a double header that saw us chomping at the bit to give you a bit of Iron Maiden – a band we have had loads of requests for, and it went down a treat. 

On Saturday, at Skellow Grange, we were fortunate to have an extra pair of hands for the evening as Mr Lee Marsden joined to roadshow as temporary roadie, and his work and effort did not go unnoticed. And top it off, it was an enjoyable gig too, with loads of great comments coming from a very appreciative rock crowd.

Then, on Sunday, we returned to Firth Park and showed that Sunday is a DAY of rest but a NIGHT FOR ROCK!!!! A packed house, in a terrific room meant it was a second great night of the weekend! And made extra special for one member of the band as it was the first time that Lee has played Firth Park feeling 100% fit and well, good job really when we put Iron Maiden, Guns and Roses, AC/DC, Kiss and Led Zeppelin nearly in a row!!!

We had a belting weekend and we hope to repeat it on Saturday as we challenge our friends in the North East to match the rock-factor of Yorkshire when we visit Mill View, Sunderland. If South Durham and Easington are anything to go by, it’s going to be a corker! And we have have a few freindly Sheffield faces that will be there too! Bring it on!!!