Mr Skidmore is one talented bunny!!!

Over the last few months we’ve played a fair few places in the wonderful town of Barnsley. Whilst on these trips we’ve met a rather talented bloke by the name of Jon Skidmore.

Usually, the great pictures come courtesy of Mike’s dad, Mr John Kaperys. But, as you can see from a small selection of the photos from Saturday’s show at New Lodge, Mr Skidmore is also rather a good photographer too!

We, as a band, would like to thank Jon for the photos he sends us whenever we play in Barnsley. We love receiving them, looking back through them and laughing at some of the gurning we do. And on top of the talent with the camera, he’s a bloody nice bloke too! 

We’ll see you soon Jon!Hey you!

Rock on!


Joe’s all about the bass!!!

“Did you hear something?”

Thor-Gods of Rock

Mr Lee “Thor” Dodge

Mike shows that bass is a one handed job!

“Scream for me Barnsleeeeey!”

Just incase you get a runny nose.